LP (NME .022 / Rough Trade), 1986. NME compilation. Includes:

  1. I Hate Nerys Hughes (From The Heart) (from Back In The D.H.S.S. above)

Indie Top Twenty Vol.1Indie Top Twenty Vol.1

LP (Beechwood), 1987. Compilation, includes:

  1. Dickie Davies Eyes

Indie Top Twenty Vol.1Indie Top Twenty Vol.1

LP (Melody Maker), 1987. Identical compilation to the Beechwood one, in a different sleeve, includes:

  1. Dickie Davies Eyes


LP (Beechwood), 1988. Compilation, a "Best of Indie Top 20's 1-5", includes:

  1. Dickie Davies Eyes


LP (Rodney), 1989. Compilation, includes:

  1. I Was A Teenage Armchair Honved Fan (from Back Again In The D.H.S.S. / ACD above)

Ways to Wear Coats: A Compilation From Vulcan StudiosVulcan compilation

LP (Brilliant Genius VULC001), 19??. Vulcan Studios is where HMHB started out. Includes:

  1. Arthur's Farm (exclusive version)

New Season : The Peel SessionsNew Season : The Peel Sessions

LP/Cassette/CD (Strange Fruit SFRLP205), 1991. LP is the last in a series of three Peel Sessions compilations. Includes:

  1. The Trumpton Riots (from The Peel Sessions above)

What's That Noise? E.P.What's That Noise cover

7" E.P. (WTN 11) free with magazine, 1997

  1. Dead Men Don't Need Season Tickets (HMHB)
  2. Pythagorane (Faust)
  3. Diese Menschen sind ehrlich (live) (Die Goldenen Zitronen)
  4. Morbid Sky (David Thomas And Two Pale Boys)

John Peel 65th birthday acetate

Acetate (VIP HML Dub), 30 Aug 2004 (only 1 pressed!).

  1. Job Search (The Fall)
  2. A Legend In My Time (HMHB) - Roy Orbison cover.

Waking Up With Probe Plus - The Connoisseur Collection

CD (PROBE55), 6 Dec 2004. Includes:

  1. A Country Practice (live)

Word Of Mouth (free with Word magazine)

CD, September 2005. Includes:

  1. For What Is Chatteris...

Colours Are Brighter

CD (Rough Trade), October 2006. Includes:

  1. David Wainwright's Feet


CD (Castle Music), October 2006. Includes:

  1. All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit

Best Of The Decade (free with Word magazine)

CD, January 2010. Includes:

  1. Evening of Swing (Has Been Cancelled)

"And Some Fell On Stony Ground"And Some Fell On Stony GroundAnd Some Fell On Stony Ground

CD (PROBE73), 21 October 2016

  1. Jarg Armani
  2. Tending The Wrong Grave For 23 Years
  3. It Makes The Room Look Bigger
  4. On Finding The Studio Banjo
  5. Blood On The Quad
  6. I Went To A Wedding...
  7. Ecclesiastical Perks
  8. Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes
  9. Eno Collaboration
  10. Get Kramer
  11. Hair Like Brian May Blues
  12. Ordinary to Enschede
  13. David Wainwright's Feet
  14. Bob Wilson - Anchorman
  15. Worried Man Blues
  16. On Passing Lilac Urine
  17. New York Skiffle
  18. Lark Descending
  19. Vatican Broadside