What's That Noise? cover

What's That Noise?

What's That Noise? cover

The red rectangle on the front cover is in fact a picture of an oil painting, Elefanten 6 (1995); the reverse has Elefanten 2 (1995). Both are by Kamilla Czastka.

This is a four-track EP, which accompanied What's That Noise (No. 11), a German music magazine. The single HMHB track on the EP is…

Dead Men Don't Need Season Tickets

...which is the same as the Voyage To The Bottom Of The Road version. The references are here.

The other three tracks are: As of 8 Oct 98, there are still copies of the magazine available. The contact address for What's That Noise magazine is:

    What's That Noise
    Postfach 10 31 85
    33531 Bielefeld

Alternatively, you can mail Florian Kirchhof for more information (he speaks/writes good English!).

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