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Originally released as "Back Again In The D.H.S.S", without the live tracks and "Carry On Cremating", but including the Peel session version of "All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit" (segued into from "Arthur's Farm") and "The Trumpton Riots" 7"remix (!)

The Best Things In Life

The title is the same as a song by Dusty Springfield, covered by The Tourists a while ago.
[Salvador] Dali Surrealist painter, posters of whose stuff with wibbly clocks can usually be found on the walls of sad student rooms.
"I just stuck an apple in my face" Refers to a painting by Magritte which depicts a man in bowler hat, with an apple instead of a face.
[Yuri] Gagarin First man in space (1961), died in a plane crash (1967).
Mogul Thrash An offshoot of 70's rockers Asia, it seems.

D'Ye Ken Ted Moult

Title from the Yorkshire song "D'Ye Ken John Peel", who I believe was a famous huntsman of yesteryear. There's a film of this title from 1934, starring John Garrick. John Peel is of course also the name by which John Ravenscroft (world's most wonderful human being and probably the only person ever to play HMHB on Radio 1. Apart from Mark Radcliffe. Oh, and Johnnie Walker) is better known, but that's irrelevant. Peelie is unfortunately a Liverpool fan.
Ted Moult Former "Brain of Britain" and double glazing advertiser. Appeared on "The Archers"; became a farmer.
[Sir Isaac] Newton Physicist, mathematician, hit on head with apple.
helicopters, ball and chain, feather and no draught Everest double glazing imagery, as advertised by Ted.

Reasons To Be Miserable, Part 10

Title parodies "Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3" by Ian Dury and the Blockheads.
Pierrot Pale & sad French clown, teardrop on cheek etc. Cultural reference stolen from the Italian Commedia dell'Arte genre of the 17th Century and turned into something saddoes wank off over at Athena.
Fry's Chocolate Cream/Turkish Delight Chocolates, adverts in desert, Rudolf Valentino style.
peaches on their cornflakes a less than gentle dig at some fruity serving suggestions on Kellogg's packets.

Rod Hull Is Alive - Why?

Rod Hull TV personality with gimmick emu on his arm. He's a wretched Australian and has had the same act for 20 years. The amusement wore off over 19 years ago. This interview says it all...
Topiary The art of sculpting hedges into hens.
Sarah Duchess of York, professional ski-holidayer.
Jacques Laffite Formula 1 race driver 70's - 80's until a nasty leg-breaking accident in '86. Now back in touring cars etc. NB Sarah Ferguson lived for two years with former racing driver Paddy McNally before shacking up with Prince Andy, but this doesn't rhyme with sleet! McNally who was one of the people responsible for Marlboro sponsorship deals. For real F1 Fornication just look at the later affairs of Jacky Ickx.
Helen Keller Deaf, blind, mute & religious. An R.E. teacher's dream.
The Wrekin Shropshire hill.
national service the draft, for our American colleagues. However, we didn't have the benefit of Vietnam and most NS conscripts ended up peeling potatoes at Catterick for two years.
the birch an excellent way of deterring young offenders on the Isle of Man.
Watney Cup Pointless pre-season footy trophy (won by Bristol Rovers in 1972). It featured the two top-scoring teams in each division who weren't promoted and who hadn't qualified for the European competitions. It was supposedly football's first ever trophy that had a sponsorship deal - everyone had obviously forgotten about the Lipton's Tea Trophy (the first European Cup)

Dickie Davies Eyes cover

Dickie Davies Eyes

Title parodies "Bette Davies Eyes" by Kim Carnes.
Sleeve parodies "World Of Sport" title sequence.
Dickie Davies TV presenter of ITV "World of Sport", ITV's amazingly bad World of Sport on Saturday afternoons. DD sported a phenomenal grey streak in his hair, "nice" blazers and managed to maintain an even interest in everything from the FA cup to Monster Truck Pulls. Truly the Beeb got all the good sport in those days. He's from Wallasey (i.e., Merseyside HMHB country), and attended Oldershaw School. Now how's that for trivia?
Opening keyboard riff is a rip-off of the War of the Worlds theme tune.
The Lord Of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. The sort of things Oxford professors of Old English do when they have too much spare time. Due to popular demand, virtually every scrap of paper he has ever written on has been published, including the totally unreadable "Unfinished Tales"
Michael Moorcock Science fiction/fantasy writer, much-beloved of a particular sort of saddo, particularly his Elric fantasies. "Moorcock" has an unfortunate pornographic homonym phrase used in the song. Also, it appears, he wrote some songs for Hawkwind and possibly even The Blue Oyster cult.
Brian Moore Charisma-free ITV footy commentator with a classic chrome dome.
London Planetarium Tourist attraction, projects spots of light onto the inside of a hemisphere. Near Madame Tussaud's with a classic domed metallic roof! Gillingham FC have named their fanzine "Brian Moore's head looks uncannily like London Planetarium" in honour of one of their most famous fans (which in 2006 gave up on the paper world and went online.
Roger Dean Culprit for the fantasy art on many Yes Albums. You know all those appalling prog rock concept albums you find for 99p in shops, with pictures of robots on horseback and suchlike? Chances are that Roger Dean painted it.
Cadbury's Flake Only the crumbiest, flakiest chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted before. Yeah. Used to have ads [still used!] in which attractive totty unwrapped and sucked flakes in a fashion that was sexually explicit.

The Bastard Son Of Dean Friedman

Dean Friedman MOR singer most famous in the late 70's, but still going strong today. Read all about him on Dean's own website.
Bette Middler US comic/actress.
Magritte (Belgian) painter, surrealist, painter of bowler-hatted man with an apple instead of a face.
SupercalafragilisticBorussiaMoenchengladbach Half Mary Poppins song (or from a song), half German football outfit.
"...and you can thank your lucky stars..." Dean Friedman's biggest hit was "Lucky Stars" (no.3, 1978), a duet with a Denise Marsa, who got no credit. You know, "and you can thank your lucky stars that we're not as smart as we like to think we are". Or something like that. He followed it up with a minor hit, "Lydia", but the charts never saw light of him again...

I Was A Teenage Armchair Honved Fan

Honved Hungarian footy side (based in Budapest)
Morphy Richards Domestic electrical goods manufacturer (esp. toasters)
wham bam, thank you mam Nicked from David Bowie's Suffragette City.

Arthur's Farm

Takes the mickey from "Animal Farm" Contains all the essential anti-totalitarianism of 1984, but is shorter and has animals in it :-)
Arthur Askey Wartime comic. Very unfunny comedian "I thank you", the f***ing song about the bee, and the like. Died gradually by having legs amputated one by one. God he was unfunny.
Douglas Bader Second World War British Fighter pilot who lost his legs in an accident in 193X but flew Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain. Later captured and ended up in Colditz after unsuccessful escape attempts. Oddly enough Pat Reid's otherwise excellent books don't mention whether the Germans used to confiscate his false legs if he tried to escape (they did, but only after about the tenth time).
"Four legs good but no legs best" From "Animal Farm" where the sheep continually chant "Two legs bad, four legs good".
Napoleon French leader and chief pig in "Animal Farm".
It's been offered from afar that the keyboard riff at the end is a touch "Eton Rifles"-ish. Not sure I agree, Ted...

Carry On Cremating

Taken from a Peel session (as are many on the CD). It was originally titled "The Continuous Cremation of Hattie Jacques."
Carry On Gerald Thomas is the Scorsese of British cinema. The Carry On films combine the philosophical insight of Kieslowski, the scope of Herzog, the intellectual rigour of Wenders and the character handling of Louis Malle.
Hattie Jacques Overweight star of "Carry On".
Bayeux Town in Normandy. Has tapestry depicting Norman conquest of England
Wally out of Crossroads Crossroads was a crap soap opera about a motel. Don't remember Wally. He was played by Max Wall.
Kath [Brownlow] Neice of the above Wally.
Alex Haley Author of "Roots", collaborated with Malcolm X. Nice reference to the fact that the book was really fictional!
Kenneth Wolstenholme Footy commentator 60's - present. World Cup Final 1966. I thought he was long-dead until he turned up hosting Channel 4's coverage of the Italian Serie A.
Nobby Stiles Man Utd & England, '66 World Cup, deficient in front teeth. Hard man. Oh, and his son John attempted to play for Leeds Utd.

ACD has the following live tracks, all initially on "Back in the DHSS" CD.

Albert Hammond Bootleg

Reflections in a Flat


Architecture and Morality, Ted and Alice

Fuckin' 'Ell It's Fred Titmus

Time Flies By (When You're a Driver of a Train)

All I Want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague Away Kit

The Trumpton Riots

Laugh at an American…

Fancy a laugh? Geoff reminded me of this; it's a transcription of the lyrics to "Back Again in the DHSS" from one of those lyric archives. It's been attempted by someone of US persuasion, and is not entirely accurate. Enjoy!

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