The Trumpton RiotsTrumpton Riots

7" single, (TRUMP1) 1986

  1. The Trumpton Riots
  2. All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit

The Trumpton Riots E.P.Trumpton Riots

12" E.P (TRUMP1), 1986

  1. The Trumpton Riots
  2. Architecture, Morality, Ted And Alice
  3. 1966 And All That
  4. Albert Hammond Bootleg

The above two were later combined into a 5-track Trumpton Riots EP.

Dickie Davies EyesDickie Davies Eyes cover

7"/12" single (PP21), 1986

  1. Dickie Davies Eyes
  2. The Bastard Son Of Dean Friedman (12" only)
  3. I Left My Heart In Papworth General
This is a different version of Papworth General to that appearing on PROBE4C.

The Peel SessionsPeel Sessions

12"/Cassette/CD (Strange Fruit SFPS057), 1988 (from 10/11/85)

  1. D'Ye Ken Ted Moult?
  2. Arthur's Farm/All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit
  3. The Trumpton Riots
  4. Old Tige

Let's NotLet's Not

7"/12"/CD single (PP26), 1990

  1. Let's Not
  2. Our Tune
  3. Ordinary To Enschede (not on 7")

No RegretsNo Regrets

7"/12"/Cassette/CD single (PP28) with Margi Clarke, 1991

  1. No Regrets (Long Version) (not on 7")
  2. No Regrets
  3. 1966 And All That (live)

Eno Collaboration E.P.Eno Collaboration

7"/CD E.P. (PP30/PP30CD), 1996

  1. Eno Collaboration
  2. C.A.M.R.A. Man
  3. Get Kramer (CD only)
  4. Hair Like Brian May Blues (CD only)

Look Dad No TunesLook Dad No Tunes

CD single (PP31), 3 September 1999

  1. Look Dad No Tunes
  2. Ecclesiastical Perks
  3. Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes

Editor's RecommendationEditor's Recommendation

CD single (PP32), 25 June 2001

  1. Bob Wilson - Anchorman
  2. On Passing Lilac Urine
  3. Lark Descending
  4. Worried Man Blues
  5. New York Skiffle
  6. Vatican Broadside

Saucy Haulage BalladsSaucy Haulage Ballads

CD single (PP35), 4 August 2003

  1. Jarg Armani
  2. Tending The Wrong Grave For 23 Years
  3. It Makes The Room Look Bigger
  4. On Finding The Studio Banjo
  5. Blood On The Quad
  6. I Went To A Wedding...