Kendal, Fri 1st July (03/07/11)

Jon Paul Challinor:

Once again the Wirral-based four have turned up in Cumbria, The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal was the chosen venue this time. This did irk me slightly as I live in Ulverston, the previous south lakeland HMHB stop-off but never mind. I made long trip through to Kendal via Bowness on Windermere to pick up a few friends and we were away.

The Malt Room at the Brewery is a brilliant close quarters live venue, which Nigel commented on at the start of proceedings, 'this is very intimate isn't it' seemed fairly good pre-match punditry on the stage-less set up in the Brewery.

Straight in to 'the Light at the End of the Tunnel', then just banger after banger, I forget the running order unlike most of the reviewers but 'All I Want for Christmas','24 hour garage people', obviously 'Oven Gloves' sent the crowd into a po-going frenzy and later, 'The Best Things in Life' was sung like away fans at the footie.

As it turns out I'd planned to incorporate this fantastic happening to my stag-do. I hoped the non listeners I had brought with me would embrace the occasion and come out the other side more complete as people, not the case, a couple of them left early.. One was arrested out side KFC later and the other was found in a hedge on the Windermere road, I can only imagine his 'homing beacon' had kicked in but just didn't have the beans to make the 8 mile walk back to Windermere. all I could say to them was at least they were not Tallin or some other conventional/unconventional 'do' destination.

My brother had got me a t-shirt from the stall and he asked the band if they would sign it, they didn't disappoint, even had a quick chat with Neil which was brilliant. I get married on August the 6th, how many hmhb tunes can I get on the playlist I wonder.

Thanks for a great night, please come back soon.