O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, Fri 17th June 2011 (18/06/11)

Nick Harrison:

What a perfect evening - an all too rare Biscuit gig in London.

Thanks to a late escape from work a pre-gig pint was out of the question. But I was still able to get in the venue in time to fairly easily get the perfect spot right at the front - halfway between Nigel and Neil. This meant most of the (really quite civilised) mosh-pit action was behind me.

I soon gave up trying to remember the set list (I'll leave it to others to post this), but it happily seemed a long set - nearly 2 hours by my reckoning - with a good mix of classics across most of the albums. (Annoyed that I can't remember any of the "Betterware" new song (or even the title)!)

There was a fair amount chat - Nigel revealing that Ken was the only man banned from the Eden Project, and that his great uncle was the first man in Whitehaven to have a Pot Noddle. Import stuff.

Only slight disappointment was that the cover version in the encore was Holiday in Cambodia - but only because I've seen them cover that before and I like to be surprised by what they choose to cover.

And then all too soon it was over. Please - more gigs down South.

(P.S. A passing thought - It's must be about 15 years since Ken and Carl H joined the band. This must be THE definitive HMHB line up?)