Roadwater Village Hall, Wed 5th August 2009 (07/08/09)


Roadwater Village Hall was a splendid venue and thanks to Christos & co for organising the show and the Exmoor ale :o)

I can't remember the setlist but it was a very enjoyable mixture from various albums, starting off with Headly Verityesque. The band were impressively tight throughout. I thought Ken was too quiet in the mix - a great shame he was hard to hear though playing well. And Nigel's vocals were coming out distorted, which was a shame.

We got there very early (for a walk in the hills), and so were able to catch the rehearsals before tea time. As well as getting a personal rendition of Joy Division Oven Gloves it was a great chance to meet Geoff Davies and his son (whose Eraserhead/Restless Legs parody on YouTube is superb) and buy a couple of t-shirts.

During the show we found out that it was Neil who's the Bad Loser, Ken is the Blue Badge Abuser and Nigel has Restless legs.

Photo from rehearsal - the bunting was put up for the show!