The Academy, Manchester, Fri 30th January 2009 (1/2/09)

Roger Green:

Another grand night out! Sorry I didn't catch the name of the first band on. I caught a couple of songs at the back end of their set. All good stuff. Then it was The Calvin Party. I have seen bits and pieces of them supporting HMHB in the past, but this was the first time I have seen them all the way through. I realise now what I have been missing. I'm only familiar with their opener, Northern Song, and will have to make it to the venue earlier in future, in order to catch them again.

They stop up late in cities, which probably explains why it was 9.30 before HMHB hit the stage. They seem to be working on their grand entrances - dry ice, classical music, Nigel struggling to untangle the lead on his guitar, that kind of thing. Then the lights go up. Much cheering.

Took Problem Chimp To Ideal Home Show (following which they had to deal with the first of many shouts of "What Did God Give Us Neil?")
When The Evening Sun Goes Down
Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess (preceded by a very lovely line "I don't care what they say / I won't live in a world without bees")
Turned Up Clocked On Laid Off
I Went To A Wedding (that "foot up in Europe" bit at the end)
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
My Baby Got The Yipps
Petty Sessions
Restless Legs
Totnes Bickering Fair
We Built This Village
Blue Badge Abuser
Gubba Lookalikes (including a guest performance from Victoria playing the cornet)
Them's The Vagaries
Look Dad No Tunes
Bob Wilson Anchorman
Evening Of Swing
Trumpton Riots
Everything's AOR
Twenty-Four Hour Garage People (the guy has "More Than A Feeling" on his I-Pod)
For What Is Chatteris
Joy Division Oven Gloves

and the encore...

Eno Collaberation
The Air That I Breathe
Vatican Broadside
National Shite Day

I thought Bill Frindall might have got a mention. Irreplacable. And there was a couple of firsts tonight. Covering a Hollies song? Also I've seen touts going about their business outside venues in the past, but this was the first time I've ever seen bootleg t-shirts on sale. Confirmation that the band is going places. From there it was back to Fab Cafe for a spot of clubbing with Paul and Gillian. Last time I did that was in 84 at the Hac when The Fall were playing. Pre-Madchester you understand?