Kentish Town Forum, London, Thu 16th October (19/10/08)

Gary Logan:

Nearly two years after their previous visit, the Biscuits rolled into the Capital with a flurry of media activity. After recording his first ever appearance on Question Time, Nigel was the main guest on 'The One Show' where Adrian Chiles gently chided him about his love for Tranmere Rovers, why he was second choice to Jeff Stelling for Countdown presenter and as a coup de grace, expertly ambushing Nigel into agreeing to participate in next years Strictly Come Dancing.

A sell-out crowd enjoyed a nerveless and faultless performance in London's most prestigious music venue, as a prelude to the bands forthcoming World Stadium Tour. Despite a lacklustre support spot from Keane, the mood of the crowd lightened as the band walked on stage to a laser light show that wouldn't look out of place at a Pink Floyd concert. Superb harmonies provided by the Crouch End Mongolian Girls Choir and inspired dance routines by Kylie's backing dancers enriched HMHB's reinterpretation of their seminal album 'Back in the D.H.S.S.' and a set which relied heavily on their greatest hits. From the aggressive paparazzi outside the venue and the tense face-off at the mixing desk between Ken Hancock and the Mirror's 3am girls over their recent story blaming him for Madonna's marriage break-up, it was clear that this was this years 'event to be seen'. Long time biscuit fans delighted at spotting the celebrities in the audience, although it almost turned nasty as Dame Judi Dench and Kate Moss almost came to blows over who was the band's biggest fan. The evening was completed by a superb rendition of 'Is this the way to Amarillo' segued into 'Wannabe' and finally Nigel's duet with Bjork on 'No Regrets' (sung entirely in Latin) which sent the crowd home happy in the knowledge that in 20 years time they could legitimately say "I was there".

Nah, only joking it was the usual workmanlike show with 90 minutes of quirky songs to an appreciative audience. Support was provided by 'Buy the Biscuits get the Calvin Party free' .Good to see a few new faces in the crowd, although some were a little behind the times, 'The guitarist is Nigel's brother you know'. A lively mosh pit and brisk action at the merchandise stand (There's only one album I haven't got, have you got it?') which will no doubt make Geoff and the boys Christmas.

Personally this was not my favourite set list, nothing from Godcore or Cammell, one tune each from Back in the D.H.S.S and from Leaden Pall but I suppose that the newer tunes have to get an airing. They did however save the best till last with a brilliant encore comprising a cover version of OMD's 'Electricity' and HMHB's best tunes since 'Treadmore...' (discuss) 'Chatteris' and 'Joy Division Oven Gloves'. The evening was enjoyed by all and long may the Biscuits continue to enrich our lives.

Set List: Restless legs, Fred Titmus, Problem Chimp, Mountain Bikes, Four Skinny Indie Kids, Petty Sessions, Shit arm, Bob Wilson, Look Dad, Dukla Prague, Evil Gazebo, Joyce, Wrong Grave, Bad Losers, Trumpton Riots, Blue Badge - Slippers, Village, Bubblewrap, Country Practice, Paintball, Evening of Swing, AOR, Squabble fest, Bogus Official, 24 hr Garage, National Shite Day. Encore Electricity, Chatteris, Joy Division Oven Gloves.