Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Wed 1st October (06/10/08)

Jo and Ant:

We have been to more than a handful of HMHB gigs now so I guess we've earned the right to share our thoughts...

After a stressful and frankly shite summer we were desperate for a bit of biscuit therapy, cue a long trip north and much giddiness.

Needless to say we were not disappointed by our ever reliable entertainers. The set list was also a nice mix, although one of us was a bit disappointed that "Evening of Swing" was indeed cancelled (from the setlist)

Still with their list of great tunes who isn't disappointed once in a while? I still chuckle inwardly over the comment I overheard at the last Blackpool gig when a "Bottleneck at Capel Curig" came on - "I've not heard them play this since October '98" (actually I can't remember the exact date he mentioned before anyone corrects me, but you get the idea)

Anyway the reason we had to review today was nowt to do with the band but more the strange behaviour witnessed in the "mosh pit".

We felt a bit sorry for Rotherham's postie (sorry mate, can't remember your name although we met and chatted briefly in the pub beside Holmfirth Picturedrome, but I was a bit the worse for the ale) as there wasn't much in the way of moshing going one beside him and a handful of others at most. Maybe it's an Edinburgh thing? To be fair we were up on the balcony - backache and being a gentleman ruling out moshing today, sorry. However wait 'til next time! Oh by the way, the full footie kit looked ace postie!

But the real problem was the bizarre bearded bespectacled misery guts stood right at the front in the middle. Truly a bad loser at moshing. OK so a couple of lads got a bit heated with each other, but really why did you feel the need to march off and whinge to the bouncers like a T.W.A.T.O.N.E? The two guys were duly removed and you just stood there, arms folded and jaw thrust out petulantly, like you'd won some sort of personal victory. Bit of advice mate, if you don't like people bumping into you, try the balcony, or the sidelines. There called mosh pits for a reason. To give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you were having your very own National Shite Day?

Anyway both the tall chap and the little Michael Owen lookalike were let back in shortly afterwards (seperate ends of the stage, like naughty kids!) Michael Owen seems destined forever to watch on from the sidelines....

Rant over....really looking forward to Manchester, for some "proper moshing" Manc style!