Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Wed 1st October (03/10/08)

Roger Green:

I've never been a fan of this venue, and never will be. But that's my problem. What's with the craze for toilet attendants? If they're not going to carry out their role a la Derek Guyler, there doesn't seem much point in my book. And the Guinness was a delightful £3.40. Small town boy, you see, not at home with the big city gigs and ways. I'll tell you about my parochial insularity some time. Fortunately the Bow Bar next door was well on form. And it was grand to catch up with Paul and Gillian who took me to the very splendid Monster Mash for tea. Definitely off back there next time I am in Edinburgh.

However it's probably time I stopped writing these reviews. I got caught out by not recognising the cover version. I can't claim to be much of an expert on the Velvet Underground so I needed to consult. Here's how it all went.

Joy Division Oven Gloves
Problem Chimp
Restless Legs
Blue Badge Abuser
Shit Arm Bad Tattoo
Evil Gazebo
Petty Sessions
Outbreak Of Vitas Gerulaitis
Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes
Give Us Bubble Wrap
Fuckin Ell It's Fred Titmus
Vatican Broadside
Ode To Joyce
We Built This Village
Look Dad No Tunes
Tending The Wrong Grave
Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess
Dukla Prague Away Kit
Bogus Official
Trumpton Riots

and then

Sunday Morning
National Shite Day
Everything's AOR

"Security" made sure I was unable to have a word with the band afterwards. The best I could manage was semaphore signals to Carl from the balcony. It seemed like a good idea to head back to the Bow Bar.