Coronation Hall, Ulverston, Cumbria 17th April 2008 (25/04/08)

Jon Paul Challinor:

Guess it would better to have a review from an Cumbrian on your site so here you go.

About a year ago I moved out of the hills and down to Ulverston to seek my fortune in the Furness capital.

Of course I was delighted to see that plastic banner stretched across the back of the famous Coro hall emblazoned with 'half man half biscuit £15' and rushed down there to pledge my support. but after we had the other mick's up here singing about joy division, it came as no surprise. apparently the wombat's have been out on the piss here a few times or that what they said anyway.

It's nice to read that fellow HMHB fans took the time to have a stroll around and see some sites of local interest but if you bypassed the Canal you really miss out, the jewel in the metaphorical head wear and far more impressive and historically relevant that the rich mans folly that is the 'monument'. Ulverston owes it profile and wealth to this, the widest and deepest canal in England. a must see.

The main reason I am writing this is I needed to tell you about the shatteringly ironic seen I had witnessed. I nearly turned myself inside-out with excitement when I saw when I saw the guy 'Mark' who works in the 24h Shell filling station on the A590 opposite Booths, (I'm not sure he works the nights but if some one was ill I'm sure he'd help out) singing along to Twenty-Four Hour Garage People. although you did make it quite hard for him with the ad-libbing, even funnier version.

They would you say you couldn't write that sort of stuff, but you can because it happened and I did. A proper double fisted salute moment I will never forget.

We were privileged to have you playing here.