Coronation Hall, Ulverston, Cumbria 17th April 2008 (20/04/08)

Jill Hampson - was due to go on the Crystal Maze but the series had finished:

Well it had been over a year so it was high time my family and I travelled the 99.1 miles from Liverpool to Ulverston to delight in some quality HMHB entertainment.

After a swift pint in the Sun Inn (one of the locals) we strolled to the Coronation Hall, a "magnificent 636 seat theatre, offering excellent entertainment from music to theatre and opera." This was very different to the Liverpool and Manchester Academies and Social Clubs we had seen them in previously.

We caught the end of the set done by the support. They had some good songs about One-Legged Women and nephew got their set-list (it was typed out, oh dear!)

Strangely, I didn't recognise many people at the gig, there were a few familiar faces though.

HMHB came on around 9.00 and entertained us for nearly two hours, definitely worth the two hour train journey. After the show, my nephew stormed the stage (kind of) and got a set list so here it is:

F. Titmus
Shit Arm
B/ Badge
H. Quinn
Look Dad
Light tunnel
24 hr Gge
3rd track
Wrong Grave
- Bad losers
T. Riots

B/Wire Love

Bizarrely, whoever wrote the set list has similar handwriting to me and I was accused of forgery!

I loved the line up and the new tracks. My sister invested in the new album at the gig so I'm currently enjoying the new tracks as I write this. Totness Bickering Fair has to be my favourite I think and it was really good to hear it live.

As usual there was much calling for the favourite songs...even when they'd already been played! ("Play 24-Hour Garage People please! Again!") I also loved the cover of Stiff Little Fingers - Barbed Wire Love. SLF were another favourite of John Peel.

I think there's nothing much left to say apart from roll on the next gig!