Coronation Hall, Ulverston, Cumbria 17th April 2008 (19/04/08)

Chris Pattullo:

Another fine night in the annals of HMHB gig going, with an esoteric choice taking us to the truly beautiful Coronation Hall in scenic Ulverston. An almighty pile up on the M6 at rush hour nearly scuppered our plans, but a quick sat nav inspired M61 diversion got us there by 8pm. The unusual ticketing arrangements meant an internet printout was exchanged for a voucher, but no complaints about the wonderful venue apart from the paucity of plastic glasses behind the bar. Not a sell out by any means, but a fair smattering in the balcony added to the usual motley crew at the front.

We didn't catch the name of the support, who played the crudely amusing "Bible bashers" and an attack on Heather Mills to the tune of Day Tripper which seemed to consist of a bunch of one legged gags and "ironic" sexism. Entertaining if perplexing!

Geoff was doing a roaring trade in CSI Ambleside, which made the journey home fly by (highlight? probably ..Ideal Home.. featuring what may have once been quaintly called a "killer bass line" 20 years ago. Top work, Neil!). 2 young local students were chuffed to have HMHB at their local gaffe, hope to see you lads down the front again next time!

The boys came on to the apt L+Hardy theme given the proximity to Stan Laurel's birthplace, and Nigel had clearly done his regional civic pride homework again, poo-pooing a crowd suggestion it was all purloined from Wikipedia! There were minor hiccups with the stage monitors and drum and guitar sound, and frequent complaints about lights in the eyes by Nigel, but overall it was another top show. There was a distinct absence of moshing until the final Oven Gloves, with a few ugly scenes at the front concerning one well oiled punter in a Bono T-shirt seemingly bent on stirring it up, but nearly everyone had a great night.

New numbers were kept to a minimum again, the 24hr garage shop assistant has aged 30 years, and tonight's cover was SLF's Barbed Wire Love.