The Tower Lounge, Blackpool, Fri 23rd November (25/11/07)

Chris Pattullo:

Another triumph for the lads, and top marks for playing on a Friday night again. I'm sure other more attentive punters will provide a set list, but "Roids" and "Yahoo Chess" are both shaping up into fine new tunes (expect album March 2008 according to Sir Geoff Davies), whilst Magazine's "Song from under the Floorboards" was again tonight's cover.

My main point, though, concerns the ructions in the mosh-pit, in particular 2 of the regulars we see at most gigs these days. One lad is short, thin and wiry, whilst his mate is "well built" and wider than he is tall. Now it's fantastic that you lads come and support the band so often, and we all enjoy a good leap and sing-along, but you boys are getting a little over-enthusiastic with the throwing around, flailing arms and violent crashing in from behind. One brave Dukla Prague took one for the team, his split brow spewing blood for most of the gig after one such scuffle (didn't seem to bother him much!), I had to curtail my own revelry with a sprained ankle, and there were several unpleasant scenes of lads squaring up to each other after several such "accidents".

Hopefully you'll read this, fellas ,and just calm it down a bit. After all, most of us are no spring chickens, it's not 1977 any more, and plenty more lasses are joining in at the front now, so we don't want to spoil what should be a celebration of Britain's finest band. Maybe you think I'm just some laughable old fart who can't take the pace up the front, and should stand at the back with the other light-weights, but I can tell you that everyone I've asked agrees with me - enjoy yourselves, but save the scrapping for outside. Thanks for listening, and I'll see you in Sheffield + Ulverston (Wolverhampton on a Monday is just too far - hmmm, maybe I am a light-weight!!)