Frome, Wed 28th February 2007 (04/03/07)

Roger Green:

I don't make a habit of watching Richard And Judy, but I was rather stunned to hear HMHB get a mention just before setting off out for the evening. An actor type was being interviewed and said how he had managed to sneak out after his show next door (at the London show before Christmas, presumably) and caught a couple of songs.

Frome does not make much of an impression of any of the larger scale maps. But it is a fine, fine place. For a start Jenson Button is from there. And there is the excellent Frome Heritage Trail. This includes Catherine Hill, the street where my mate alleges that a Hovis advert was filmed - the one with the boy and his pushbike. The street is steep enough and narrow enough, but memory fades with time and for now I'll just have to believe my mate. I was too busy checking out the rest of the town to investigate further. And Andy Fordham is appearing at a darts exhibition match towards the end of March. Shame that couldn't have coincided with the HMHB show. If that's not enough, the Cheese And Grain also have Bo Diddley booked for later in the year.

Some top pubs there. I met up with four HMHB fans who had come from Birmingham and who were involved in a heated Villa v Blues doubles pool match. The Blues had just notched ahead when I left, as I remember. I also popped in to The Crown and The Blue Boar before heading for the venue in time for the Mangled Wurzels. They did an OK job, but as with all covers bands I wonder how much mileage there is in what they do. Then came a spot of eighties Fleetwood Mac over the PA, followed by HMHB at around 9.

As mentioned on the website, Ken was unable to appear at either this or the Cardiff show. Sorry I didn't establish the spelling of the substitute - it's either Carl with a round C or Karl with a kicking K. He did a grand job at both gigs. He obviously has a good mentor. This is how the set went, including a debut cover version.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes
Shit Arm Bad Tattoo
Fuckin' 'Ell It's Fred Titmus
If I Had Possession Over Pancake Day
Bob Wilson Anchorman
Bad Review
Restless Legs
Turned Up Clocked On Laid Off
CORGI Registered Friends
The Trumpton Riots
Paintball's Coming Home
Secret Gig
Look Dad No Tunes
Gouranga Gouranga
All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit
The Best Things In Life
(I scribbled something down here in brackets which I can't actually read - I don't think it's a song title, but more likely some comment to/from the audience)
Numanoid Hangglide
Running Order Squabble Fest
For What Is Chatteris
Everything's AOR
Vatican Broadside
Twenty-Four Hour Garage People
Joy Division Oven Gloves

There were only two songs in the encore, despite plenty of clamour for more:

Rubber Bullets
We Built This Village On A Trad Arr Tune

I happened to be staying in the same B and B as a couple of blokes who had driven over from near Stansted. So we were able to dissect the evening's entertainment at the breakfast table. We all agreed that a venue like that in a town this size is admirable. But before long it was off to the station and away to Cardiff.