Manchester Academy, Fri 16th February 2007 (19/02/07)

Dave Downes:

SHH Secret gig.Well not really,as they played a big venue and i couldn't get to the bar.There were several Hell is For Heros fans who came to the wrong venue by mistake and had a musical education.I even spotted a Nelly Furtado tshirt. Another top night,started off by Calvin Party who went down well.They had a banjo and a Robert Lloyd chic.Did Northern Song and Lies Lies and Government. Recommended.

HMHB came on at 9.06 pm stage left and pummelled us with hits.Nigel did a fine Arthur Ellis impression and dissed Freebird.At least 2 pairs of oven gloves were spotted.The crowd went bananas.Highlights included Kendo Nagasaki,Fred Titmus,Slipnot and Container Drivers.

Kenwatch:Tonight Ken was wearing a red Armani shirt,black drainpipes and sneakers with go-faster stripe.Control of the guitar effects peddle was sublime.

Weatherwatch:Rainy and damp underfoot,becoming drier later.

Catering was supplied by Spice Cottage,Hulme.£7 for a Lamb Bhuna and rice,eat-in or take-away.