Manchester Academy, Fri 16th February 2007 (17/02/07)

Ian Henry:

This was the first time I've seen HMHB since the Liverpool Garden Festival 20 years ago and they didn't let me down!! I took my 14 year old daughter 'cos she hasn't got a ticket for the Killers on saturday so I thought I'd introduce her to some proper music to make up!! I've not bought anyting by them since Back in the DHSS Again so I got hold of Achtung Bono last month & I can't stop listening to it so it was great to hear a few tunes from it tonight.

My highlights of the show were Fred Titmus, 24 Hour Garage People, Wrestless Legs, "Slipknot" & " What aint they got, they aint got mates" at the end of Skinny Indy Kids

Great night out, paid at the door & one new young fan......cheers lads! By the way, Tranmere Rovers MUST be re named Man City Rejects FC!!