Shepherd's Bush Empire, Thu 21st December 2006 (10/01/07)


Met the lads, Andy, Pete, Nick & Dave at the nearest cheapest watering hole to the venue (Wetherspoons as usual) after a swift couple of 'arfs on to the gig, a new place for a couple of the boys, what a great sight to see HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT up in lights at the front of the Bush,been here a few times myself in the past (world party,James.Bowie & the psitols..Yes the Pistols! allbeit the reformed Pistols but still it was the pistols) so to see HMHB here was a bit special for me,must confess we thought the venue would be too large for them but I can assure people that weren't there that it certainly was not!

Searched on the way in was a new HMHB experience for me, guys selling snide t-shirts on the way out was too, I thought the support band were pretty good, if abit one-paced, then at 9.10pm the lads saunter onto the stage as they always do, to a mass of crowd noise, this was gonna be special.

Kicked off with 'Light At The End Of The Tunnel' and onto 'Shit Arm', 'Fred Titmus' & so on, the sound was very good where we were standing, Nigel was name dropping a few darts players I think, then great versions of 'Restless Legs', 'Look Dad', 'Bob Wilson' & a scathing version of 'Country Practice' then off, (what a gig!!)

Two mins later the lads are back on with the usual cover, this time a Clash song (I must confess I didn't know,never a big fan) then a great version of 'Clichéd at Christmas', 'Everything's AOR', 'Best Things In Life' then they're gone, bloody brilliant gig. I've seen HMHB four times last year & this was the best, thanks boys see you soon.

Happy new to all.