Edinburgh Liquid Room, Wed 15th November (24/11/06)


Another splendid show by the lads on their latest trip to the capital. The Liquid Room is probably the best small-medium venue in town, great for atmosphere and sound - seems to suit the Biscuits down to the ground. From my vantage point in the balcony, the mosh pit was having a fine old time "will all the non-dancers please move to the back", while everyone else could be seen moving various bits of their body at some stage or another.

A casual stroll onstage, a few twiddles with knobs then into a belting Vatican broadside - cracking start. Good mix ot tunes followed (see other reviews for setlist), 24 hour garage people was hilarious with the ipod shuffle bit. From memory - Paradise by the dashboard - Meatloaf?, Mr Blue Sky ELO, Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison, Dancing in the moonlight - Toploader, Lovely Day - Bill Withers, Built this city - Starship, More than a feeling - Boston and Hold the line - Toto... OK, so I know too many of these dodgy songs, I'll get my coat...!

Amusing also to hear the lads got a personal guided tour down Mary King's close (a haunted 'underground street' beneath the Royal Mile) http://www.realmarykingsclose.com/home.htm - Imagine being their tourguide! Derek Acorah eat your heart out. Mrs Robinson was brave to attempt during the encore, but I couldn't help thinking that the Lemonheads version was better...but they made up for it with a superb Trad arr tune straight after it. I'm sure I heard Joker Hysterical Face intro at some point too? (Question - have they ever played a Fall cover onstage?).

Perhaps a little less between-song banter than we come to expect of our Nigel but it didn't stop it from being an excellent gig. Would have liked to have gone to Carlise the following night, but hey - two school nights on the trot? No can do. Haste ye back lads!