Edinburgh Liquid Room, Wed 15th November (18/11/06)

Ian Thomas:

As an exiled Birkonian who had never seen HMHB, I had been looking forward to this gig since laying my hands on a ticket a couple of months ago.

Walking up Victoria Street to the venue, I was overcome with emotion upon seeing the lily-white Birkenhead Van Hire transit parked outside (no strategies nor logistics in that model from what I could see).

The gig itself was faultless, kicking off with Vatican Broadside and covering a wide range of HMHB favourites spanning the centuries. Old standards such as Bob Todd and Trumpton Riots through to newer classics like Corgi Registered and Restless Legs were all joyously received by young and old alike. They even had time to throw in an excellent version of Mrs Robinson. Don't remember the price of the Pringles though.

It was great to see the gig so well attended with the Holmlands finest also doing their bit for Most Haunted by plugging the tour of Mary King's Close (can't have been as scary as a Saturday night stroll down Argyle Street!).

Anyway, thanks again lads for a great night out!