The Robin 2, Bilston, Thu 31st August 2006 (01/09/06)

Simon Spedding:

hmhb.. first time live since Bath 1986. Why did I leave it so long?

I took my 15 year old daughter along to Bilston, well worth the 90 mile drive from Bristol too. She missed the start (probably squeezing past the really fat drunk half asleep bloke going to the loo) but quickly came in to "Shit arm bad tattoo" (she has Doherty complex).

She thought the whole thing was a musical stand-up and enjoyed the wit and wisdom of it all.

Two hours of unadulterated smirking, singing, laughing and applause. The highlights for me apart from the classics of Fred titmus, Nerys Hughes, train, et al were....sod it, the whole night was a highlight and Stuart E's review pretty much says it all so I wont repeat it.

Little anecdote about the travel from Cambridge the previous night including a detour through Chatteris (nice cakes apparently) raised few chuckles as did the "Trail" magazine banter, and knowing someone who is a patella specialist.

And I switched my MP3 from shuffle to hmhb for the ride to work this morning too. Smirk on boys.