The Junction, Cambridge, Wed 30th August 2006 (03/09/06)

Roger Green:

It was a tough decision to leave Yorkshire behind with all the mayhem caused by Dave Penney leaving Donny Rovers. But sometimes you have to do these things. A steady drive down, although finding your way through Cambridge is a bit of a bastard. Bicycle seems to be the preferred mode of transport - at times it felt like that Smiths video. Met up with my mate Richard and a host of other cyclists in the splendid Live And Let Live pub. That is one of the best pre-gig ale houses I can think of. I also recommend the open-top City Guide bus tour, especially the bit where the guide tries to divert your attention from all the drunks on the corner of Parker's Place.

A busy gig, without being a sell-out. Good to see Geoff doing the sociable thing and operating the cig machine, as the merchandise stall had been set up blocking access to it. As always it was interesting to talk with locals who had never seen HMHB before, particularly the woman I spoke to on the way out of the gig. She seemed very keen to let me know that not everyone in Cambridge is a student. Nevertheless there was a lot of analysis going on - when Nigel says A, does he really mean B, that kind of thing. Never mind analysis, here are the facts.

Fred Titmus
CORGI Registered Friends
Running Order Squabble Fest
Bad Review
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes
Outbreak Of Vitus Geralitis
Trumpton Riots
Shropshire Lad
Shit Arm Bad Tattoo
Bob Wilson Anchor Man
Lark Descending
Vatican Broadside
Joy Division Oven Gloves
Evil Gazebo
Bottleneck At Capil Curig
Tending The Wrong Grave
Bastard Son Of Dean Friedman
The Best Things In Life
Twenty-Four Hour Garage People
For What Is Chatteris
Hair Like Brian May Blues
Everything's AOR

And the encore was

Shot By Both Sides
Venus In Flares
We Built This Village On A Trad Arr Tune

And I'm going to have to contact Toffs to try and get on a percentage, with all the people wanting to know where they can get the Dukla shirts.