The Boardwalk, Sheffield, 10th May 2006 (11/05/06)

Laura Taylor:

What a top gig! I was kinda hoping they'd play Tour Jacket, so I could scream HELENNNNN, but they didn't. I'm not complaining like, cos they did Joy Division Oven Gloves for the last song. I had been fighting the urge to buy some oven gloves especially for this, and ended up deciding not to, thereby suppressing my juvenile urge, but bugger me if someone else didn't go and turn up with a pair and was bouncing round wearing them :) (I did ask the merch guy if he had any for sale but he didn't, which is rubbish...they'd sell like hot cakes! Gerrem in!)

The ones I can recall included Chatteris, Corgi Registered Friends, Shit Arm Bad Tattoo, Fear My Wraith, You're Hard, Turn a Blind Eye, A Country Practice, Depressed Beyond Tablets, We Built This Village on a Trad Arr Tune, and plenty off MT&D and Trouble over..., but there were several I'd never heard.

Fantastic atmosphere, everyone bouncing round grinning and and singing at each other, and I've never known anyone to send a titter round a crowd like Nigel - and all this in the face of some eejit who shouted out in between EVERY song 'What did god give us neil' !

Took me 3 hours to get there - a 6 hour round trip altogether, but christ were they worth it. I was grinning to meself all the way home :)

Thanks lads!! Can't wait to see yer again!

It just didn't last long enough...