Derby First Floor Club, Thu 2nd February (4/2/06)

HMHB virgin Liz Wells:

A couple of weeks of strict HMHB homework sessions with my HMHB obsessed boyfriend before the gig had me dreading the evening of February 2, 2006... The music was totally different from what I'm used to and for some reason I thought the venue and the fans would be a bit... I'm sorry,,, but a bit grotty and strange.

However I'm glad to report that I couldn't have been more wrong.

The First Floor Club in Derby provided an intimate setting for my first HMHB gig. I couldn't believe how loyal, travelling from Scotland, Reading and Yorkshire, and friendly the fans were. It was a perfect mix which provided a fun party atmosphere... There were times I thought the floor was going to give way beneath us!

HMHB seemed on top form as they ploughed through the hits. Amongst the highlights were opener Mathematically Safe, Bottleneck At Capel Curig, Fred Titmus, 24 Hour Garage Peple (hilarious, sorry but I can't tell you the prices, the boyfriend tells me that's important!!!!), Shit Arm - Bad Tattoo, and of course the fabulous Joy Division Oven Gloves!

My only real complaint was that the HMHB souvinir stall doesn't sell those said oven gloves!!!! ... Oh and the gig was over too soon!

After such a fabulous performance, added to by the great atmosphere, I've decided I will definately be continuing my HMHB education. Fingers crossed it won't be too long until I get to see these talented guys live in the flesh again... but maybe in London next time?!!