Preston, 8th December 2005 (9/12/08!)

Chris Pattullo:

Another great night for the faithful. Great atmosphere in the pub before, with Dukla Prague, Tranmere and oven gloves a plenty. Venue itself perfect, but sound quality could have been better. Support from Condor Moment frankly bizarre but fascinating. HMHB on at 9, then 2 hours of the usual mayhem. Quiet start in moshpit for Restless Legs until Dukla boys piled in, after which the favourites were bellowed out as usual. Highlights? Pringles £14-20 (!!!) ("'ave u got the 20?") + 99p (stunning performance from Nigel), cover was "I think we're alone now" as in Liverpool, "......cynical at Christmas" as first encore, tinsel + all, threw the masses awaiting "Joy Division" + "AOR", full throated "Fred Titmus", welcome return of "Uffington", "3rd Camera" + "Deep House". Lowlights? sound not greatest, usual quibbles over absent songs as back catalogue grows (Bob Wilson, Paintball,Dukla Prague) and relatively small moshpit. But all in all a triumph, topped the next morning with a mention on the ever dependable Phill Jupitus who played "Honved" into the bargain. (We had "light at end of tunnel" earlier in the week!). Roll on 2006, and how about "Joy Division" as a single??