Glasgow, 24th November 2005 (25/11/05)


Just back from Glasgow, or was when I started, so I thought I'd share a few thoughts on it.

Negatives out the way first..the sound was pretty rubbish and it's not the best live venue. The labyrinthian thing may work for discos, sorry...clubs, but it's not ideal for live music. Picture a t-junction between 2 railway tunnels with a stage set up 25 yards down one of them.

That said the lads put on a good show with more than enough idiosyncracies for a memorable night out.

Highlight for me was what was on the MP3 player in 24 Hour Garage People. Ivor Cutler's "I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy, And I'll punch the man who says I'm not".

Bogus Official was intoduced to boos and then dropped for Wrong Grave. I was having a inter-song chat so might have missed something to justify the boos. Right choice in the end though.

I like to think that some folk left thinking that Vatican Broadside really was written that afternoon.

Following on from Liverpool I thought we we're getting another album perfect version of Paintball but he threw in the soup in cartons verse. (Was that in the Kershaw version? I've heard the verse before and the Kershaw session once but not sure if one was from the other or at a gig somewhere.)

There was a couple of new lines in Trad Arr Tune but shite sound rendered them obsolete.

Could there be a song about Ellen McArthur in the pipeline? She was mentioned in an intro as always being in the same sentence as "land-locked Derbyshire". Got a laugh, so you never know.

I don't think I've seen them do Evil Gazebo live before, but then again...I do have memories of drunkenly joining in the mental hospital chorus, so I probably have. Anyway, absofuckinglutely superb. The interview was stretched out a fair bit with the interviewee even more of a twat than on the album.

As Simon's already mentioned [on the mailing list], cover version was The Damned's Love Song. Great stuff.

24 hour garage people. From the album I'd pictured it as a woman serving him and still do when I listen to it. In live versions it's always explicity a bloke, does anyone else's thoughts turn to women with fat arses when not in public?

Top marks to the lassie who was up during Look Dad, No Tunes.

Set list, no particular order or guarantee that it's complete (or that they were all played for that matter).

Fred Titmus
Light at the end of the tunnel
Monmore Hare's Running
Bad Review
Evil Gazebo
Bob Todd
Look Dad, No Tunes
23 Years
24 Hour
27 Yards
Dukla Prague
Restless Legs
San Antonio
Capel Curig
Running Order Squabble Fest
Love Song
Vatican Broadside
We built this village


Everything's AOR

PS Heard a great rumour about a possible gig next year. Sworn to secrecy though and I suspect I can keep a secret better than the person I heard it from (not a forumista, I don't think, but a regular website reviewer).