Leeds Cockpit, 28th July 2005 (02/08/05)

Niall Quinn:

What a night! We flew over from Ireland the morning of the gig and wandered around in a Newcastle Brown Ale fuelled daze for several hours as the feckin Queens hotel wouldn't let us check in till mid afternoon.

Stocked up on CDs and Tees as soon as I got in (no McIntyre, Treadmore & Davitt CDs??? ...My old vinyl's a floppy disc at this stage.) and situated ourselves strategically at the foot of the stairs to the sound booth. I thought the sound was fine except the vocals could've been a tad higher.

High points for me - 'Vitus Gerulitus', 'Monmore', 'Vatican broadside' and of course the timeless 'Everything's AOR' -apologies to anyone within an asses roar of me -I was indeed the b@stard singing dodgy improvised harmonies.

Anyone know any hotels in Liverpool that let you check in before lunchtime?