Leeds Cockpit, 28th July 2005 (31/06/05)


Was a top gig. Nice to hear/sing at the top of my voice so many songs i know the words to. lol.(sorry a joke for the wobbling boy). Had serious voice loss on leaving the venue having randomly met up with some friends from the New Model Army board that I had no idea were going to be there. Was indeed a night of strange consequences, missed trains, happy waving of joy division oven gloves whilst yet again being squashed between a random guy and the front of the stage, and buying of AB and playing it on the way home. Saw Birdpoo but dont remember seeing any other board members. Were you there? lol.

On being asked why the hell I had oven gloves and nearly slapping the same guy for sheer cheek on asking if my mate was a lesbian, I left before the conversation took a turn for the insane, not that it wasnt already.

All in all a good night.