Leeds Cockpit, 28th July 2005 (29/06/05)


For once I actually managed to get a list. Ken's set list reads as follows:

Light tunnel
Pancake Day
Bob Wilson
Len Ganley
Corgi Reg
Look Dad
Tonight Matthew
4 Skinny Indie Kids
Harry Quinn
Turned up-Europe
Wrong Grave
Secret Gig
24hr Garage
Bad Review
Joy Division Oven Gloves
Letter Sent
Bob Todd

Twydales Lament
Trumpton Riots

Was reminded that Fred Titmus and Running Order Squabble Fest made an appearance. (Thanks Birdpoo). And Oven Gloves only appeared in the oncor along with Rhonda (?) and Trumpton.

One of the hotter gigs I've been to in the Biscuit universe. Almost as bad as the New Roscoe gig (also in Leeds BTW, must be a conspiracy).

Not sure the sound was as good as previous gigs, although maybe its just me. However, this didn't spoil a great gig, with a good mixture of old and new. They seem to play more DHSS recently, which is handy for certain people I've been taking lately.

The price of Pringles last night was £1.18. Wished I bet a pint on it, as I got closest, and some new sarnies included in the shopping list.

Some cracking new songs were aired that obviously appear on the new album, but after 10 albums, HOW DOES HE KEEP COMING UP WITH SUCH GOODS SONGS.

Songs of the night for me were Secret Gig (always sounds good live), and Oven Gloves.

Hats off to the guy worshipping Loop down the front for wearing the Joy Divison Oven Gloves. Sis loved the bass line of Transmission at the start. Thanks Neil.

PS. Why were there two concrete slabs on top of one of the amps. Ken's lucky flag stones?