Exeter, 8th July 2005 (10/07/05)

Roger Green:

Considering that this didn't even make it into the What's On guide in the local rag, it was a surprise the place was so full. Let's hope that The Funk Brothers' superior marketing strategy also managed to pack them in at The Viper Bar. I got talking to one or two locals who reckoned it was about twelve years since HMHB last played in this town. That is starvation rations for you.

The Brian May Blues fans from Penzance were obviously starting a serious campaign, with a placard at this gig (complete with Let It Happen, Bass Player on the reverse). What next? A march to Birkenhead? And the requests continued apace - this time for Satin Tour Jacket and £24.99 From Argos.

There were a couple of changes to the line-up from Penzance and the set went as follows

Fred Titmus
Harry Quinn
Pancake Day
Bob Wilson Anchor Man
CORGI Registered Friends
San Antonio Foam Party
Vitas Geralitis ("It's Natasha Kaplinsky! It was you all along!")
For What Is Chatteris?
Vatican Broadside
Lark Descending
Bad Review
Len Ganley Stance
Tending The Wrong Grave
PRS Yearbook
Twenty Four Hour Garage People
Them's The Vagaries
Letters Sent
Foot Up In Europe
Squabble Fest
Look Dad No Tunes (best ever performance of this?)
Time Flies By
Joy Division Oven Gloves
Everything's AOR
Trumpton Riots

The encore was

Help Me Rhonda
99% Of Gargoyles

Looking forward to Leeds already. It'll be good to just have a half-hour trip to the gig.