Sheffield Boardwalk, Thu 7th April (14/04/05)

Ian Jackson:

Another excellent gig. Len Ganley Stance, very appropriate for the place and time of year and 99% of Gargoyles, a great song from days gone by. Was hoping to hear a few tracks from Godcore, shame once again there were none.

Was made up however hearing Secret gig, Four Skinny Indie Kids, Shropshire Lad and Monmore, also couldn't believe CAMRA man (yeah, that's one of ours !) featured. Speaking of which, William Hague lookalike Mr Nettle was spotted in the moshpits and had been rumoured to have been 'beer ticking' in Sheffield beforehand and had really tasted the hops !. Great chat from Nigel in between songs, 'Wentworth Craft Centre, take a flask' was a corker not to mention the rare plant lurking somewhere up in Scotland and the 'Eggs' on the A628.

Would like to try and make it to Wolverhampton. If not, I know of a good craft centre, flask at the ready ...