Sheffield Boardwalk, Thu 7th April (11/04/05)

Simon Fyffe:

Another really enjoyable gig at this decent venue and one that had sold out too. This was my first HMHB gig since they played the same venue last year (not that they had played many gigs in between mind you). Visited several of Sheffields real ale pubs before (as did a few others at the gig) after having travelled up from London.

Was please to see that about half the set had changed since last year and a handful of new tracks, the best being Joy Division Oven Gloves that featured in last year's festive 50. Highlights for me were 'Irk the Purists', 'Look Dad no Tunes', 'Vatican Broadside' (good to see that this was not dropped for politically correct reasons) and the one that finishes with lyrics about a mental hospital (possibly Evil Gazebo). Also, second encore of '99% of Gargoyles' was a pleasant surprise. Did not think the extended version of '24 Garage People' quite worked though.

How about another gig down south lads ?