Sheffield Boardwalk, Thu 7th April (09/04/05)

David Craig:

Storming gig and another great night, I even cut short a trip to Dubai to get back in time and still waiting for that bad gig Roger....

Got the set list which reads as follows

Light at the end of the tunnel
An outbreak of Vitas Gerulaitis
For what is Chatteris
If I had possession over Pancake Day
Fred Titmus
4 skinny indie kids
CORGI registered friends
Monmore hare's running
Everybody's doing the Len Ganley stance - shamelessly misleading us all into thinking it was God gave us life - that's my excuse anyway........
Irk the Purists
Them's the vagaries
Slippers bit from best things in life / can't put your foot up in Europe from Went to a wedding - offered up as a "medley"
I left my heart in Papworth General
Secret Gig
Improv Workshop Mimeshow Gobshite
Venus in flares
Look dad no tunes
San Antonio Foam Party
Shropshire Lad
PRS Yearbook
Vatican Broadside (in relation to me raising form the dead.......)
24 hour garage people (£1.02 and 92 pence) also featuring a whole new range of delightful sandwiches, wraps and other treats to buy with a quick blast of Nick Cave's 'Mercy Seat' in there
Used to be in Evil Gazebo
Everything's AOR
Trumpton Riots
Joy Division Oven Gloves
99% of gargoyles look like Bob Todd

Lots of banter, tight sound, very active mosh pit most of the time, bit tricky avoiding the sharp corners on the stage front which are at wedding tackle height and to be avoided, all in all a great gig.

Geoff reckoned they were working on a DVD for later this year as well so look out for that, might film a few more shows as well as the last one, see you all at Wolverhampton.