Sheffield Boardwalk, Thu 7th April (09/04/05)

Roger Green:

It looks like the days of paying on the door at this place have long gone. This one sold out a week or so beforehand. Remember when you used to be able to park across the road in that block which is now a Travel Lodge? And the time will no doubt come when you will have to negotiate your way past touts outside the door.

Inside, the usual fine ales were on offer, but the Gents was out of commission (must have been all the Pink Fraud fans from earlier in the week who did that). And Geoff was doing steady trade on the stall, so all was well with the world. Taking up position on the outer edge of the pit it would have been difficult to barge through for a set list, so instead it was into Anorak Mode with pen in hand. It was interesting to see a lot of oldies being slipped in, with only the end bit from I Went To A Wedding coming from Saucy Haulage Ballads. This was how it went....

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Outbreak Of Vitus Geralaitis
For What Is Chatteris
Pancake Day
Fred Titmus
Four Skinny Indie Kids
CORGI Registered Friends
Monmore / Hare's Running
Len Ganley Stance (although everyone thought it was God Gave Us Life when they started)
Irk The Purists
Them's The Vagaries
The Best Things In Life (why don't they ever do the whole song?)
Foot Up In Europe
I Left My Heart In Papworth General
Secret Gig
Improv Mimeshow Gobshite
Venus In Flares
Look Dad No Tunes
San Antonio Foam Party
A Shropshire Lad
PRS Yearbook
Vatican Broadside
24 Hour Garage People (best performance ever of this)
Evil Gazebo
Everything's AOR
Trumpton Riots

and then after much hollering they came back

Joy Division Oven Gloves
99% Per Cent Of Gargoyles

You run out of ways to describe this band. "Just as usual" will have to do on this occasion. It's always good to see them on the correct side of the Pennines, but it has been too long since they last played in Leeds. A pressure group has been formed (well, there's three of us) and a blockade of The Cockpit may follow. Unless anyone has any better suggestions....