Nottingham Rescue Rooms, Thu 10th February (13/02/05)

Joan Norris:

Nottingham - What!

Probably one of the worst times in my life. It was shit!

Firstly what the fuck was a place called the 'Rescue Rooms' doing letting in double the amount of people that should have been in that shithouse. We honestly thought we'd been roped into a reanectment of the Woolworth fire of '69. Even the mosh pit was a joke, consisting of two fat drunks attempting to bounce around like big kids on a deflated bouncy castle.

...And as for the good folk of Nottingham, I'm on the sheriff's side. Fuck 'em. Trying to go for a piss they just stood there, not realising that logically if you let a person out that then gives them more room. Have they never been to the match? Oh, no the biggest crowd they've ever been involved in would have been in the queue for free money; somewhere. Total wankers.

...And what was all that crap about the trendy bar next door - Jeez give us a break, cider was a luxury. Then, as I fought my way through the crowd, past the front desk I overhear 'I'm on the guest list' - Oh fuckin' wow and where the shittin' hell are you and your special friends going to watch this crap from - mid air?

Fuck Off


P.S. weren't too bad mind!