Nottingham Rescue Rooms, Thu 10th February (11/02/05)

David Craig:

Another cracking gig!

Despite the good citizens of Nottingham employing traffic wardens into the late hours so they could ticket me (donations anyone?), I had another great time.

MJ Hibbett and the Validators did the support act thing and were pretty good, well worth catching again.

The lads took to the stage and played a cracking set, the mosh pit took ages to get going but once the two puffs at the front and their ladyfriend who didn't want to play got out the way it took off nicely and by the end was a good old workout. The gig was filmed so look for the 20th anniversary DVD complete with extras and stuff like Nigel eating fishcakes with his chips (Any chance Geoff?) Got me a set list which reads as follows:

Secret Gig
Running order squabblefest
CORGI registered friends
Eno collaboration
Improv workshop mimeshow gobshite
Light at the end of the tunnel
Lark Descending
Them's the vagaries
Look dad no tunes
For what is Chatteris
This leaden pall
24 hour garage people (£1.21 and 95p)
Quality janitor
Fred Titmus
Used to be in Evil Gazebo
Asparagus next left
Turned up, clocked on, laid off / can't put your foot up in Europe
Vatican Broadside
PRS Yearbook
Tending the wrong grave for 23 years
Monmore hare's running
3rd track main camera four minutes
Trumpton riots
Joy Division ovengloves
Everything's AOR

The inevitable few extra work in progress items were put in when Ken and Neil would stop tuning up long enough to let Nigel sing them and it was great to see Ken back and looking and playing as best he could after such a serious illness. Got the probe collection CD which is well worth listening to. The 8 minute version of Country Practice is magnificent (done at the rather cracking Manchester 2001 gig).

Roll on Sheffield.