Newcastle Northumbria University, Thu 12th August (27/9/04)

Chris Younger:

This was only the second HMHB gig I have attended (first being the excellent Cluny gig last year), and just like last year the boys didn't fail to deliver the goods. As a posse of young indie students+one fat Middlesborough geezer (I couldn't help feeling Nigel's Indie kids lyrics were being directed straight towards me) we had be on the drink a while and were in great spirit to become, as one review claimed, one group clearly giving it some welly and enjoying themselves no end. I was personally threaten with viction by the pittiful security for repeated croudsurfing. Ah, the bruises sure took their time in fading away.

They gig was a fantasitc, sweaty, smelly ear buzzing specticle with "twenty four hour garage people" being the personal highlight for me.

I would like to reiterate what one reviewer already stated, a bit of "godcore" would be great lads! Especially "mosh pits", or "friday night"...

The gig was a massive success in winning over my mates and making them see the genius of the biscuit.

Even falling in the mud and then having to pay £25 for a taxi afterwards couldn't dampen my mood that night.

Top gig the boys, Cheers