Newcastle Northumbria University, Thu 12th August (13/8/04)

Tom Gibbs:

My first HMHB gig but they weren't gentle with me - straight into F*ckin Hell it's Fred Titmus and an early rendition of Capel Curig.

Oh what an atmosphere - good actually with an appreciable audience.

Just before the band came on I was not too sure about the bloke in the DPAK who accosted me with the words "You look old - what did Dean Friedman sing - thanks mate, I was only 50 last week. I suggested 'Lydia' to the young scallywag but he said "No, the other one" which was a bit of a bugger. I knew the one he meant but with the support act playing (lots of woos, aahs etc in the lyrics I thought) it was hard to think of another tune. To be fair he did return a couple of minutes later to shout Lucky Stars. He then had a splendid evening moshing at the front of the stage.

The only bum note of the night, I don't have a musical ear, was the bar. Cider, lager but no beor, did they move Northumbria University south of Watford for the night without telling anyone?

I thought the Biscuits were excellent and finishing with Trumpton was a fitting end to a great evening. My son enjoyed it too.

The light show was good, and hot, a little more dry ice near the end and it could have been Genesis circa 1975. Perhaps Nigel could do a Peter Gabriel and be festooned as flower at the next gig. Perhaps not.

Best band in the world someone shouted, who am I to disagree, and that includes U2 as well as Del Amitri. Hope the Bogus Official turns up on CD soon.

Come back soon please.