Newcastle Northumbria University, Thu 12th August (13/8/04)

Roger Green:

This one took some finding, tucked away in the middle of a concrete jungle. My, it must be a fantastic place to do your studying!

Can't tell you much about the first band, Clear Blue Skies, as I just arrived in time to hear the last couple of chords of their last song. Then was Indigo Colony, your definitive four indie kids (not all of them skinny). One of their songs was about going out drinking with your mates , so they definitely get the thumbs-up.

HMHB took the stage with another one of their dynamic entrances and played for around an hour and a half. Ta to the bloke on the desk for handing over one of the set lists to a doe-eyed fat geezer from Yorkshire. It read as follows, but those of you making a record of these things should note that they actually opened with "Fred Titmus" and played "Harry Quinn" second. And also I can't remember them doing "Tonight Matthew".

Harry Quinn ("six weeks to live but I'm at least I'm not in Del Amitri")
Fred Titmus
Capel Curig
Third Track
Bad Review
Lark Descending
Light Tunnel
Improv - Slippers - Yipps
Four Skinny Indie Kids
Pancake Day
24 Hour Garage
E Gazebo - Europe
T Matthew
Look Dad
Wrong Grave
Dukla Prague
Foam Party

and the encore was

Trumpton Riots

Interesting to note that there were no spectacular cover versions at either this gig or the Edinburgh one, even though Neil kept tempting us with Joy Division tasters. "Twenty-Four Hours" must be due another outing.

There were some admirable attempts at crowd-surfing/stage-diving at this gig, mainly from people whose body mass might suggest it's not such a great idea. Yet another top night all round. It's very difficult to argue with the bloke who shouted out "Best band in the world!". Roll on Nottingham.