Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Wed 11th August (13/8/04)

David Craig:

Support act the Hector Collectors ok really, same song played 8 times in the background - trying to sound a bit like early Fall - with a lead singer doing a John Otway meets Pete Shelley kind of front act. The lyrics might have been humorous but were hard to hear in the mix. One that stood out was a mickey take on Cure albums set to a George Michael track (you gotta have "Faith") always preferred 17 seconds myself.

Quite a varied set and a welcome return to the Liquid Rooms which is a great venue. The Mosh pit was a bit small at times but got going nicely towards the end.

Some tracks not played for a while. I got me the inevitable set list so here goes

Lilac Harry Quinn
Fred Titmus
Bottleneck at Capel Curig
3rd track main camera four minutes
Monmore hare's running
Bad review
Lark descending
Light at the end of the tunnel
Improv workshop mimeshow gobshite / slippers (nothing better than writing upon sole of said footwear) / my baby got the yipps
4 skinny indie kids
Gubba lookalikes
If I had possession over pancake day
24 hour garage people (£1.09 and £0.99)
PRS yearbook
Used to be in Evil Gazebo
Uffington Wassail
Tonight Matthew (not played)
Running order squabble fest
Look dad no tunes
Tending the wrong grave for 23 years
All I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague away kit
San Antonio foam party
Everything's AOR

Them's the vagaries
Trumpton riots

Nigel informed a twat that threw beer a lot that he was a dead man if he did it again and the bloke either ran out of beer or decided that Nigel just like Messer's Rollins and Nail was indeed "hard" and gave up We got a fuller rendition of the Bogus official song which bodes well for a new album. I had a quick chat with Geoff at the gig and he confirmed a Kershaw Session in the next few weeks, a Peel session and the lads back at the recording studios in October for a new album.

Neil once again needed to remind himself of the AOR intro and much good humoured stuff went off throughout the gig, Ken wearing a "see you Jimmy" hat was a great improvement and he should consider a permanent change of headgear. still a lot less exciting than the bra thrown on stage last year.

Your reviewer got into a lot of trouble to be there being my 21st wedding anniversary but there you go, I am assured that the 22nd will still be celebrated. I had to miss the Newcastle gig because of my daughters 13th birthday which I was advised by the good lady would have been a definite castration issue if I went, so first gig I've missed in many years, still Nottingham beckons. so avoiding 11th and 12th August in future would be appreciated Geoff!

See you all at Nottingham...