St Leonard's Sports and Social Club, Stafford, 7th July 2004 (8/7/04)

Dean Mitchell:

Well its been a long time that anything actually happened in Stafford, and the only bands that ever play here are tribute bands tribute bands , the almostvana tribute to Nearvana the Nirvana tribute band. And i was a little concerned that when we got there it would be Half man half shortbread . But NO it was the real thing and it was packed, Stafford best gig since ..... It was Stafford best gig who are we trying to kid.

I thought the atmosphere was warm and friendly ( odd really as Stafford folk are cold like the dead ) and the set was excellent, even my wife ( who described HMHB as the Punk Baron knights) enjoyed it and was surprised that they could play. The highlight had to be a pissed guy climbing on stage and on cue asking for "2 scotch eggs and a jar or marmite"

Please come back soon Stafford needs you.