St Leonard's Sports and Social Club, Stafford, 7th July 2004 (8/7/04)

Jill Hampson:

Jill H - She lost 4 stone on the Atkins diet....yeah and?

What can I say? Another amazing gig. I'd like to dedicate this one to Luke from Domino's Pizza, without him we wouldn't have got there because we got lost in the ringroads and cul de sacs of suburban Stafford.

We missed most of the support but the bit we did see was ok. About 10 minutes after we arrived the band just appeared so my nephew, his mate and I meandered our way to right at the front which was well cool, except at one point I went head-first into one of the speaker-things on the stage. Nevermind, it was worth it! My sister and brother were almost right at the front but avoiding the bouncy dudes.

They played the usual Fuckin 'Ell It's Fred Titmus, Bastard Son Of Dean Friedman, Jarg Armani and Uffington Wassail. All good stuff, new bits added onto Paintball's Coming Home "He gets all emotional in the pub..and said the baby changed his life"

Nigel's best joke of the night was when someone shouted "ELLESMERE PORT" and Nigel said "Yeah...the only place where they still point at aeroplanes."

When they played 24 Hour Garage People, he burst into Hotel Yorba in the middle which was amazing! "1,2,3,4 Take the elevator at the Hotel Yorba, I'll be glad to see you later, all you got inside is..HAM, we got CHEESE, we got CHICKEN..we got BEEF...we got TUNA SWEETCORN!"

They played Thems The Vagaries as well...which is one of my favourites along with Nove on the Sly which they never play either which is gutting but nevermind. They finished with Everything's AOR, one of my favourites from McIntyre, Treadmore and Davitt. I'm sure someone who robbed a setlist or remembers all the other songs will put up the full set list.

Probably the best HMHB gig I've been to in the last year (so that's out of 3 - Stourbridge, Manchester and Stafford) The small out of the way venues are the best ones, even when we get lost.

"People who say yes indeedie, matie and footie - shite! The A449 - shite! Last Ash Wednesday - Shite! Well it was for me anyway."