The Boardwalk, Sheffield, 19th February (21/02/04)

Roger Green:

Your correspondent declined his usual spot at the front of the baying throng, instead opting for an evening of slugging the excellent Marston's Pedigree. The songs sound just as good when you are edging your way through the crowd with a jar in each hand.

No support band, but this merely left more time for HMHB. They came on at around 9.00 and the encore finished at approx 10.45. Can't remember the entire set but it was particularly good to hear Quality Janitor in amongst the usuals. There's also some tidy bits of work in progress bubbling away, such as the one about Bogus Officials. Other highlights included a very healthy audience response to Everything's AOR. And of course everybody's best mate was there, shouting "What Did God Give Us, Neil?"

At recent gigs the band has treated us to some fine covers - New Rose, What Do I Get?, Holidays In Cambodia. But they exceeded even their own standards tonight with a rather jolly splendid reading of Another Girl Another Planet.

Grabbed a quick word with Geoff on the way out. One or two possibilities for future gigs, but nothing definite yet. Watch this space.