The Boardwalk, Sheffield, 19th February (20/02/04)

Mr Blue Sky:

Picture the scene...Wetherspoons Sheffield,20.40 hours,Thursday 19th February...sat round a table are Kitty,Wobble,Loopin,Cresswell,Sant,Taylor P,Taylor L,McIntyre,Tradmore and Davitt.

Puzzled Yorkshireman wondering why a bunch of Dukla Prague fans have invaded the Steel City with its Trams and genial Taxi Drivers (sic).

After Leese and Loopin (who by her appearance put to pay Kitty's Campbell Conspiracy Theories!) had discovered that they knew each other as Kids or something we head for the gig.

After the Aircraft Hangar that was The Academy the lads looked far more at home here and kicked off with Fretwork.

Some rare outings for Quality Janitor (Neil doing a great Hooky impression), Thems the Vagaries(Neil doing a great Steve Hanley impression) and Ecclesiastical Perks (Neil doing a great Cheggers impression.)

Nigel was in top form as everything from the book of revelation (no S) to people coming out of shops without looking felt the full force of the Birkenhead Ombudsmen-elect.

A problem with Kens' amp saw Nigel filling in with half of the new album ideas...this was turning into a very good gig.

I triumphantly declared that I had won the cover version competition as I thought "Shot by both sides" was coming on (it turned out to be Jarg Armani) although I doubt that anybody would have plumped for "Another Girl Another Planet" by The Only Ones (?).

Great to meet so many new people and a fookin' great gig. Kitty's Glasweigans were lovely too. (Mark being paticularly impressed with Lisa's use of the words "Wanking Material").