Manchester, Fri 28th November (09/03/04)

Jack The Teenage Armchair Honved Fan:

Second Half Man Half Biscuit gig in 4 months. When we first got there we were way too early, we heard them doing a sound check. We tried to listen but a scary bouncer kinda confronted us so we retreated to McDonalds.

The support acts: Mark Silverman and Hovis Presley were slightly amusing but more annoying. Songs that all sounded the same and went on for ever from Mark. And Hovis, well he just flashed his fat at people and spat a lot.

Started off with the great Sealclubbing. A few songs i didn't think they would play like footprints and Paintball's Coming Home(great). And loads of other great songs. But nout from Some Call It Godcore unlike at Stourbridge.

What Do I Get? by the Buzzcocks, most excellent cover for the encore. They ran out of time so some songs not played (which was sad.)

Can't wait for the next gig that I'm able to go to.