Manchester, Fri 28th November (01/12/03)

Gus Woodhead:

So twelve months on and here we are at the gig we should have gone to - therapy they call it!

Late November early December and HMHB hit the city lights of Manchester (becoming predictable lads!), but with our NEil in tow and our lass providing taxi to and from home we never complained. ALthough we did miss the first support act yet saw most of the second - very funny and original worth seeing again.

And as is now customary enter the biscuits to a tune, some what setting the crowd up for an explosive start, which was greeted with "here's a loosener" from Nigel and Sealclubbing ensued - not heard that live for a bloody long time. This was soon followed by Fred Titmus, and was soundly appreciated (personally I beleive it should be later in the set but hey I'm not the genius).

The mosh pit was up and running in good time and pogoed and swayed to classics and new songs alike, PRS, Uffington, Capel Curig, Monmore and AOR to name but a few. My god was it hot how the big guy at the front stayed there in fleece jacket I will never know, I had to remove a lair. Due to the 80's style football fencing at the front there is a lack of set list (first time for that then) but the night is a haze. The band moved through the songs with great haste and as such ran out of time only to return to do a buzzcocks which i hate to admit did not know (i'm only a young lad you see!). The usual banter from Nigel was missing and I felt his performance was a little more polished than usual, but however the sound quality wasn't (I do prefer the small venues bring on sheffield or even the Witchwood!).

At recent gigs the knob head count has been high but Fridays seemed higher than usual, almost cast a cloud on the night, but could that ever to a biscuits gig never. Top night and top gig again they are superb live.

So see you in Sheffield where "God Gave Us Life" man and his mate Lurch will be (bet I get lost in the one way again!)