Manchester, Fri 28th November (30/11/03)

MR BLUE SKY,Manchester:

"Aint no use defending,
It seems like I've been sending
People to the wrong pub" what I should have said to the hairy arse bouncer who had just scuppered any chance of a meet in the Uni Bar...move to the lar de dar Academy and you lose use of the Uni bar...not the best start to the night as the Saucy Haulage Ballads tour came crashing into Manchester for its final night.

A quick bit of dusting down and we re-convened in the "Kro-bar" over the road for pre gig gargles.This was the place where I finally met the chromedomian Mr Lowe (think PJ from Big Brother) and Lowie ,your company was almost as much pleasure as taking the tenner off you that you owed me.

Having also reacquainted with some old friends and one new one (Evening Aimi) we moved over to the Academy.

I think it was the prophet Shaky, who said that Christmas was the time for "Love and Understanding"...what he clearly forgot is that its also time for HMHB's Manchester Gig as this was the 5th season running that we celebrated the yuletide with Birkenhead's finest.

The change of venue had upped the ante somewhat,preventing any feeling of Deja Vu and many of us were anxious to see how many were in the venue.

We weren't to be dissapointed with the turnout and soon a little clique of forumistas were gathering at the back.

So it was great to see the mighty Biffo,Nick Sant,Steve Field,Mike with the dots Cresswell(very high hair,almost Seinfeldesque) and of course Jamie the american who deserves a football clap for his momentous journey. (he looked a bit like Pob...I doubt he's seen it...will never know if thats good or bad.)

Down the front for the start of the gig and Nigel intoduced the band as The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club before kicking off with Seal Clubbing.

This was easily the most vocal and appreciative Biscuit Audience I've seen and Andy's switch of venues was a masterstroke.

Some of the lesser played live tracks were well appreciated...Improv, Bad Review, Footprints and Doreen amongst others.

After a hilariously extended Paintball, they shuffled off before returning in lightning time announcing they had over-run and belted out a Mosh Pit-mungus "What do I get?". The Academy "Thought Police" had stamped their foot and there was to be no more.Who moved the gig to this venue? Andy you damn fool!

A look at the set list reveals that they missed playing A Country Practice,Nerys Hughes and "Christmas" which I'm assuming was the Cliched version and not a Slade megamix.

That set list in full(as robbed by Leese off Carl)

Seal Clubbing
Wrong Grave
Light Tunnel
Bad Review/Europe/Yipps
Lark Descending
Pancake Day
Room look Bigger
24 hr Garage
Foam Party
Look Dad
Camra Man

What do I get?

All in all the night was a roaring success-the venue switch was a winner despite the timing problem (forgot to mention,Mark Silverman and Hovis Presley were well appreciated), it was the biggest meet in the forums history and the only thing missing was Campbell!

Here's to Sheffield and Forza Biscuit 2004!