Manchester, Fri 28th November (29/11/03)

Steven, 13, Liverpool...

Twas my first Half Man Half Biscuit Gig and I absolutely loved it...

On the way (with my friend, his mum, his uncle and his auntie) in the car we went crazy listening to Vatican Broadside and F**kin 'Ell It's Fred Titmus etc.

At the beginning a strange man with a pony tail came on stage who went by the name of Mark Silverman, his songs where funny yet dull and repetitive, next came out Hovis Presley. The beginning of his performance kept getting interrupted by an annoying "fan" with a huge nose, but then Hovis got angry and so we laughed... sort of.

Then came out Half Man Half Biscuit, they opened the gig with Sealclubbing and then went on for 2 more hours (longer than they should have been on!!! great!!!) Whilst inbetween they performed: Tending the Wrong Grave for 23 Years, Light at the end of a tunnel, F***in 'Ell It's Fred Titmus!, Uffington Wassail, Used To Be Evil In Gazebo, Everything's AOR, Running Order Squabble Fest, Bad Review, It Makes the Room Look Bigger, Pancake Day, Doreen, Paintball, Jarg Armani, 24 Hour Garage People and I'm sure they played many more... O yes!!! we could never forget Footprints now could we???

Well overall it was great. During the performance Nigel made some hilarious comments about somebody's coat and how you need inside pockets. And as somebody shouted at them to play "Dukla Prague Away Kit!" Nigel replied "Yer, that's one or our's" hehe.

They finished with What Do I Get??? Apparently a cover of The Buzzcocks. Twas great indeedy.

So overall I loved the gig, and if Lynn is willing to take me, I'D LOVE TO GO AGAIN!!!

P.S. we love you Hovis!