Manchester, Fri 28th November (29/11/03)

Jill H - she didn't choose her cat, her cat chose her:

When we got to Manchester last night, we actually went past one of the doors and heard HMHB doing their sound check, we stayed outside and had a listen until the scary bouncer started approaching us

Well what can I say? Twas amazing! Mark Silverman was highly entertaining and Hovis Presley wasn't bad either. Once the annoying git at the front left, twas very cool.

Their first song was Sealclubbing and it was received with much jumping. They produced a fabulous line-up which included Used To Be In Evil Gazebo, Bad Review and Footprints.

As I did in Stourbridge, I shouted out for Them's The Vagaries and Blood On The Quad but sadly it wasn't to be. When someone shouted DUKLA PRAGUE AWAY KIT to Nigel, he said "yeah that's one of ours," - highly amusing.

Their extra verses of Paintball's Coming Home made me see the error of my ways and so I went home and deleted my cat's website (ok not really but the thought was there).

Was a bit gutted when they didn't play Trumpton Riots but their last song (after they'd gone once and the lights had come back on) was a cover of The Buzzcocks' What Do I Get? which was way groovy.

Having gone to the Stourbridge gig and being the 2nd youngest there, was good to see people younger than me there (apart from my nephew)...